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Readings + Reactions for 3.11.11

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College’s attempt to block Facebook, Twitter, IMs fails
study shows texting the preferred communication medium of college students

A great overview of paper prototyping
Some good tips for prototyping
Why low-fi prototyping kicks ass
A shorthand for designing UI flows


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February 4, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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  1. I absolutely loved these readings on prototypes. My favorites were “A great overview of paper prototyping” and “A shorthand for designing UI flows.”

    Paper prototyping is very new to me; I just didn’t know anything on the subject, and I admittedly was rather intimidated by the prospect of doing this for class. But reading those articles, in particular the ones I mentioned, made it simpler – as simple as the paper prototypes themselves.

    In “A great overview of paper prototyping” the explanations were clear enough to educate someone like me who has absolutely no clue on the topic, but the drawings were what really brought it home. I have all the materials shown in those photos, and it gives me a sense of confidence that this is something I can actually do, and do well.

    “A shorthand for designing UI flows” answered a question that I was asking only in my subconscious really. I knew I needed to know “something” but I could not hone in on it. That question was, “How do I think this through in a simple way that makes sense?” This article presented the answer. Dividing the flow into two components – What the user sees is above What the user does and this flows into What they see next which is above What they do next. This makes the thought process visual, and visual is what paper prototyping is all about. For me, once I can see my thought-flow on paper, I can effectively design my prototype without getting lost in a muddle of thoughts and words.

    It’s not to say that now I know what I’m doing, because I most certainly do not. But I can start. In class on Friday, Professor Sinker said, “Just thinking about it gets you nowhere. Begin drawing it out and work through phase by phase.”
    This is what I’ve done so far:

    Empathy: Conducted my interviews

    Define: I feel like through my interviews I’ve outlined the problem. My biggest challenge was to refrain from solving the problem

    Ideate: the biggest challenges for me were to defer judgement and to encourage wild ideas

    Now I’m at prototype, and these articles were SO helpful. I have a lot more confidence going into this, and I’m excited about the outcome.

    Yari Osborne

    February 6, 2011 at 4:58 pm

  2. The articles about college communication, have a lot to do with what we discussed in class as groups and then what we had to interview fellow peers about. The two articles were similar in that they were dissecting college students and their social media interaction habits. The first article, about blocking these sites for a week, was interesting but the outcome, I already some coming. I know that college kids are hooked on Facebook and Twitter, I’m a college student so I know 🙂 But what surprised me were that students hiked over to hotels to use their computers or even tried to hack into the college campus computers. Seems like a lot of work just to see if you have any new followers or someone liked your new relationship status..
    The second article’s percents were interesting about how many people text, use email, etc. 94% of those surveyed text, and there were some more percents, good stats.
    The articles for the paper prototyping were engaging and helpful because going into what we did last week, I must admit I was a little lost. But these articles help clear up questions I had and will help as paper is good for those not as experienced in the design areas. I liked the UI flows: what users see, do, see next and do next. Simple ways these prototypes display examples of their sites.
    They will be good references when starting these prototypes out..
    April Barkley

    April Barkley

    February 7, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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